August 28, 2014 -- Updated 1253 GMT (2053 HKT) Edited by Susannah Cullinane in London

• Kiev: Russian tanks backing rebels
• Official says "full-scale invasion"
• Donetsk rebel leader says 3-4,000 Russians have joined ranks
• Russia denies supporting rebels FULL STORY

James Foley's murder has prompted fears that America's closest ally is becoming an incubator for Islamic extremism. CNN investigates. FULL STORY | MUSLIMS FIGHTING EXTREMISM  MUSLIMS FIGHTING EXTREMISM

A shopkeeper's mutilated body, relatives' anguish, homes destroyed ... this is Donetsk.
"I sat and watched match fixers with a briefcase full of cash to pay the referees," investigator says.
This photo illustration shows Euro bank notes and a table soccer game on February 6, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. Europol have uncovered evidence that hundreds of football matches were subject to corruption leaving more than 400 officials and players under suspicion of involvement.
Why India is one of the fastest growing markets for chicken.
Scrap those other bucket lists and start saving. These are worth it.


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